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Boris Masis - Past Projects

interesting facts:  

number of suspended or failed projects on this page: 12

number of active and working projects (links at left) : 5

number of mp3 sites I have tried to run: 5

number of warning letters I have received from the RIAA: 1

number of times the image of my hand with a pen repeats on this page: 4

The projects on this page are no longer updated. However many pages still provide useful information. I have enjoyed the creation of a lot of things over the years. Some of the pages below were created for school, and some for my own interests.

For currently active projects check the links at the left. For more of what I've done visit the my work section. Send me some comments, I want to know what you think.
Judging by the title, was another project I completed during my years in the Oyster River School District. Orstudies was a two part effort of analyzing factors that affect student health. The first half, completed with members of my Advanced Biology class, analyzed a lot of raw data collected from students through surveys. The second half of the project was a cooperation between Daniel Noronha and myself to create a database input application which worked with excel to allow for quick entry and analyzation of a great number of data points. Visit the website for more information and study conclusions.


Online Marine Picture Book

tidepool.gif (49231 bytes)The Online Marine Picture Book is a detailed description of marine life organized by phylum. It focuses on Rocky Shore Plants and Animals particularly in the intertidal zone. This is one of my first successful creations. I wrote the picture book for my science class in the eighth grade. This project was the first to teach me of the powers of the internet. There are lot of pages that make reference to my project including several universities. Throughout the life of the picture book I have received many emails from teachers and students around the world who have visited the webpage. This was also one of the first projects that taught me HTML and a little about webpage design. The picture book's value as a resource remains. Please let me know what you think.


Oyster River High School Web Design Workshop

My high school periodically organized "arts fair" days where artists come in to show students their craft. I was asked by the school to lead a workshop on webdesign. As a result I lead two 1 hour sessions, both full with 18 students per class. Those who attended learned started from the ground up on the basics of HTML and then worked in Homesite to edit a personal page of their own. There is a high interest in technology these days, and most everyone seemed to have enjoyed the workshop. Thanks fly out to the Cooperative School District Technology Integrator, Danielle Bolduc, who worked along side me to organize and present the workshop. The design website quickly goes over some of the concepts discussed at the workshop. Most of all I recommend the example design section.


Flatland - A Dimensional Perspective

Believe it or not, Geometry classes in my high school read a novel as part of the year's curriculum. In fact, I believe that "Flatland" is widely taught. It is an interesting book, written in the early 1900's the author talks about the first, second, third, fourth and dimensions beyond. I created the flatland webpage with Jason, a friend of mine (for more see friends) as a freshman in high school. It is the closest thing on the internet to a flatland webpage. If you are studying the book I suggest you take a look at the site. It includes the full text of "Flatland" as well as comparative dimensional diagrams. (flatland.Created by Jason and Boris)


Z for Zachariah - Nuclear Web

zfz.jpg (43639 bytes)This is a webpage I made for my freshman year essentials of English class at ORHS. I can not say the book was among my favorites, however this is one of the only websites on the internet dedicated to a book that is in the regular curriculum at many schools. Kudos points for that right? :) The webpage focuses on the reality of nuclear war, as was described in the book. A personal analyzing the book may find the site useful, there is a lot of outside information about Robert C. O'Brien as well as collected reviews of the book from over the years. The site also includes links for further reference regarding this novel.


Computing/Game CD ROM and Magazine Free Offers

free.gif (24203 bytes)This was my first "successful" webpage. The site listed magazines and cd-rom media that you can receive free of charge. It focused on gaming and computing magazines in particular. In the days before anandtech and fatwallet such a resource was rare. The site taught me more about html and kept me occupied.

More Nostalgia

A lot of the time things just don't work out the way I hoped they would. There has actually been a lot of that. But I guess we learn from our mistakes, here are some more examples of that. Some of the links on these pages might be out of date, but that is not the purpose. The sites are here for legacy sakes. There are a lot of good memories.

Mp3Direct My first involvement with the mp3 community came out of being the webmaster of mp3 direct (for more about mp3 see I co - authored this site with a Swedish friend of my sister's. We worked well together. Mp3 Direct had at one time, the largest direct mp3 download listings of any website on the internet. We were in fact quite popular. Overall the website received something like 150,000 visitors before its close. The project taught me lots about collaboration, as well as website promotion, and getting ripped off by companies claiming to pay you for advertisements. None the less it was fun, we received a lot of positive comments about our work on the website. Later the mp3 direct servers hosted the outer limits rarities list as well as the top 10 downloads for mp3 asylum. (these were at one time the two biggest mp3 sites on the internet) For a piece of mp3 memorabilia download the collectors version on winplay3 and a advert for mp3direct

My first homepage has been preserved and uploaded to the server. I was probably 12 or 13 when I created it... it was good stuff. The internet was a brave new and unexplored frontier. The page is not meant to be fully functional, but gives an idea of where I started. Take notice of the Java script up top, that took me quite a lot of trial and error :) Some of you may also remember other versions of the page which featured an "Intel - Java copy" site map as well as a city image map. It was fun playing around, I'm sure I would have many more cool things to show now if school would not eat up all my time and ruin my work ethic. blah. I think I'm babbling.

Win98Update before the release of windows 98 I had been influenced by all the hype of the new operating system and it's sleek looks. What I later realized was that windows 98 was mainly just a visual facelift of 95, meaning of course that being sly, I could create a pack that when installed on a windows 95 system would make it appear just like windows 98. And that I did. After several reinstallations of my pre - release windows 98 system (due to incorrect registry entries I used while creating win98update) I finally created something similar to my idea. Installing it on my friends system made his windows 95 look almost identical to windows 98 for me. I included everything from how the folders look, to the file types, to the gradient Title bar, start menu bitmap as well as single clicking. The problem was at that point, the entire package was a collection of tweaked utilities assembled together through an editor used to create auto run files on CDs. (another words there really wasn't any programming involved) the pack did work, but I never got around to finalizing it as for it was really not so much my work. Windows 98 had already been released at this point and a lot of the hype was gone. Power users can try downloading the file, it has a very interesting setup interface and can be of value to a windows 95 user. Note: package must be unzipped to c:\win98update\ and the included shortcuts (.lnk files) must be placed in the C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup\ The final note is that the mve setup is not included, do not attempt to install it. 

MP3 Group this was a fun thing to try to do. Basically the entire mp3 movement was under attack (and for good reason) then out of the blue comes mp3 group to save the day - or at least that was the idea. What I attempted to do was create an organized group of mp3 webmasters to take care of the mp3 community (for more about mp3 see The project basically fell apart because it relied mainly on people. Now I know that doesn't sound right, but mostly when I do things, I do them to the end. Because the group relied on participation of all members and as it turned out no one was greatly excited, not a lot of things got done. For those that have been around mp3s for a while, members of the group numbered about 13 webmasters, most notably Andrew Smith, Cyberman and webmaster of Yosh mp3 powersearch. Speaking of which just about the only thing that did get accomplished was hosting Yosh Mp3 Search on my servers for about a month (which generated traffic of almost 15,000 daily and a little profit) until I realized I didn't know perl very well.

CompletePage Web Design -  As one of my many ideas of making money without doing any actual work, I decided to try my hand at a webdesign company. I had most of the know-how necessary, and in fact I still believe had I the time I could have indeed made a little bit of money. However due to lack of advertising for this project it never really took off. I did get two inquires, however nothing too interesting. To see the work I did for one of interested parties see Homepage of the Natural Areas Association Unfortunately Angelfire deleted my CompletePage Webpage before I had a chance to back it up. Past urls used to be at as well as

ElectroThrift Another project that I attempted with my good friend David Krasik The idea was to buy electronics at low cost, and of course sell high. The entire operation could be run through the internet, without requiring a store or in fact any start up costs. We planned to buy discount from warehouses and manage to sell below retail on the internet. Not a bad plan, it failed due to lack of good products to purchase. Our almost final discussion to purchase walkmans died when we found out the devices had no fast forward or rewind. Maybe worth trying again later on. The internet will continue to grow as a purchase media for some years to come, now if someone could develop a business model. This one was really short lived. After this, my final mp3 page, I finally gave up influence in the mp3 scene. housed the largest database of verified mp3 ftp sites on the web. Each day I would use a program to add mp3 ftp sites from IRC, the web and other places, and then verify them all on their activity. The traffic to the site grew rapidly, but the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) took notice as well. And so, I decided that keeping the site active was not worth the $200,000 fine, and that was the end. Today you can see the last remaining updated listing of ftp servers. It really was quite large.


created by Boris Masis 2001
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