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Boris Masis - My Work

work I like to do:



This page catalogs some of the work that I do outside of the projects listed on the left. The two major sections are school and programming. I allow free access to all of my school papers however please site Boris Masis and this website as a source if you use any of my ideas.


The school subdirectory of my ftp site lists all saved work I have completed starting with my 97 freshman year in high school. This is the actual working school directory I use on my computer, so if you get lucky you can catch me working on a file and updating it as I work. My computer is on mostly 24 hours therefore if you do get an error message, check back in an hour. Again please do not plagiarize and site Boris Masis as the source if you plan on using any of the information.

Note: most document files are saved using the Microsoft word 6.0 format. All should open in wordpad which is provided with windows. If a document is not displayed properly and you do not have ms word or compatible software use the free msword viewer.

I highly recommend the use of LeapFTP for accessing the school ftp directory:

port: 21
login: school
password: school

You may also access the files simply by clicking the following link

/school/ directory listing

The debate section features lots of interesting topics, most containing a preliminary abstract, constructive and rebuttal arguments.

If you are currently taking biology, the bio directory has some useful diagrams.

Some of my most current writing including prose, poetry and essays can be found in the advanced writing directory


/pascal/ directory listing
highlights: (you will need turbo pascal 6.0 or later to compile these files)

  • trifight.pas is my the program I wrote for the final in my pascal class, its a triangle fighter game that's written efficiently and looks good, however is hindered by the "1 key at a time" limitation of pascal. The last day of class I was improving my program to keep score and realized that pascal can not do arithmetic operations in graph mode. Any workarounds?
  • For an impressive showcase of the type of programs that turbo pascal is theoretically capable of see the showcase folder.
  • The wordsearch.pas program is written using input of individual characters, therefore has the potential to hide words vertically and diagonally.

I have also taken Applied Programming in Visual Basic at the University of New Hampshire

Visual Basic has presented itself as a very logical language to me. I realize that Visual Basic is not perfect for every task however its operations and development ideas are very easy to work with. In a nutshell it makes sense.

Some of the assignments that I have completed in the UNH VB class are listed on the school ftp. In order to view the shortcut to the "unh vb" directory properly you will need to use Leap FTP or another FTP client. Difficulty increases with assignment numbers.


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