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Boris Masis - Video Production

technical info:

camera: Sony Hi8 Handycam

video capture card: ATI All In Wonder Pro 8mb PCI (using S-Video)

video editing software: Adobe Premiere

sound editing software: Cool Edit

video compression: Microsoft Windows Media



My video production start came when my dad and I purchased a shiny new video card, the ATI All In Wonder Pro. We were very impressed with its many features, among these were composite and s-video inputs. 

Thus it became possible to input video and even edit a little. At the time I was running a 200mhz Cyrix, and video editing taxed the system quite a bit. I created several short pieces including a very nostalgic video introduction to my webpage.

My first real project began when I signed up to take video tape production the second semester of my junior year in high school. Then things really started rolling. I enjoy the whole process. I script, shoot and then edit everything. Thus I have a lot of control over the final product. The assignments below followed some basic guidelines given in video tape production but allowed the cinematographer a lot of creative freedom. Just the way I like it. If you care to receive higher quality DivX versions of the below films, give me a holler.

* To view these videos you will need microsoft media player (available for windows as well as macintosh) and a fast cable/dsl internet connection if you wish to stream. *

"The Most Dangerous Game" has a site dedicated all to itself. It is my latest and largest film production to date. This is a project I worked on with friend and co-director Michael Denis for 5 months. The website has most everything you could want to know about the production. The entire film (35 minutes) is available for online viewing as are many behind the scenes videos. go to The Most Dangerous Game Website

assign1.jpg (18750 bytes)The purpose of Assignment One (Monday Morning) was to demonstrate an understanding of the various shots and angles used in video tape production.

I am very happy with the outcome of this project, it was my first experience video taping as well as editing in Adobe Premiere. The final product was well worth the learning curve. A big thanks goes to Mike Denis for starring in the video.

An interesting side note is about the music. The piece is set to Grieg's In The Hall Of The Mountain King. As I got towards the middle of editing, I realized that Grieg's dramatic climax of the piece came much too early. With a little careful modification in CoolEdit 2000 I extended the song by about 35 seconds, so in the audio track is indeed not as Grieg composed it. Listen carefully for where the edit was made.  stream Monday Morning


assign2.jpg (17112 bytes)This second project was created for the Winter 2000 Oyster River High School Sports Awards. Specifically the video features clips from the Boy's Track Team.

Editing was much more complicated in this project. The reason is that I did not shoot the footage, and had very little to work with. To create this 3 minute video I had approximately 9 minutes of raw un-edited footage. This can be compared to the 45 minutes raw of footage that I taped for the first assignment. This video was shown to approximately 60 people at the Sports Awards. stream assignment two


The third assignment (Pool On Garden Lane) had a purpose of demonstrating motion in video. This one is my personal favorite. It is the most free-flowing creative piece. There is a loose plot to the actions, but for the main part the assignment is shot and edited to be interesting and visually pleasing. 

Audio credits for this one go to Trio's Da Da Da. Shouts go out to Mike Denis and Josh Nygren for the lead roles and to Mr. Perry for letting me borrow a physics video.. hmmm pizza. Curios? stream Pool On Garden Lane


Next came another Sports Awards assignment. This one for the tennis team was shown to a crowd of parents and students at the Spring 2000 Oyster River High School Awards. Unlike my first awards assignment I shot all of the video that was used in this project. 

Though some questioned my musical choice of Russian pop-folk group Lube, I think it fits the piece very well. Strangely or not I feel happy each time I see the video. Lube rocks.

Like the previous project, the piece is very free flowing. I had a great time syncing the video to audio. Watch for careful audio/video timings. I have lots more Lube for those that want it. I'm thinking it would be great to make another video with more of the band's uplifting songs. 
stream assignment 4.


Sherlock Holmes and The Speckled Band was the final and largest project I created for video tape production class. It also served as an English Literature final exam for the movie's three actors. This project is quite possibly the most meaningful thing that I have done in high school. 

I worked long nights with Mike during finals week to finish editing and producing the piece. It was something I did for my own interest, we enjoyed the work. It was a challenge, and we were pressed for time.

A knowledge of the Speckled Band story will help when watching the video. Mike has a page with his comments as well as observations.

The mini-movie features Mike Denis, Matt Shump, and (only one) Emelia Parker. Kudos to everyone for pulling this thing together, it will remain as one of my fondest memories of the infamous Oyster River High School. stream assignment 5


prj-on-me.JPG (15236 bytes)Video production has turned into a very fun hobby. I hope that I will be able to continue making films. In the short term I need to get myself a digital video camera and some hard drive space :) But really its about the inspiration. Having friends work with you is of course a lot of fun as well. Mike and I have established a great working relationship. There are ideas for a new movie in the works, watch this space. In the meantime on my own I am thinking about making some "artsy" expressionistic pieces without overwhelming plot, akin to assignment 3. I will update this page with any new developments. In the mean time please email me with what you think about my projects. All comments and criticisms are welcome.

created by Boris Masis 2001
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