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Boris Masis - MacOS8 Winamp Skin

note: you must have winamp version 2.0 or higher to use the skin.

Download: 125KB

To install:

1. Unzip the '' file into your root winamp
directory, for example 'c:\program files\winamp\' , make sure to use folder names when unzipping.

2. Load up winamp, press 'Alt'+'S to view the skin browser and
select 'mac0S8'.

3. Press 'Ctrl + K' to bring up the plug-in dialog and select
'WinAMP Speakers v2.0 beta 1 [vis_Spkr_macOS8.dll]'  Press ok.

MacOS8 is a carefully designed "skin" (graphical layout) for the windows winamp audio player. It is inspired by the clean look of the macintosh operating system 8 for apple computers. The skin also includes a genuine winamp speakers hack to match the interface. 

The skin presents a clean look replicating the design of the operating system giving winamp the appearance of a macintosh program. Of course the decoding engine and features remain the same and you can't run winamp under the Mac OS even with this skin ;). (for that try macamp) MacOS8 will work under all color schemes however 16bit color or higher is recommended.

The skin includes full support for all current winamp skinning options including the window shade mode, mini browser, etc.

I first developed the interface in 1997 and have updated it through 2000. The purpose of this interface is not to stay current with the mac operating system, but rather to add a functional interface to a program as commonly used as winamp. The skin is designed to be easy on the eyes and fluid in operation.

download the skin with the winamp speakers plug in (full instructions are on the right)

Click on the picture at left to view a screenshot of the development work in progress back in 1998.

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created by Boris Masis 2001
aim tomcatru