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Mp3 Enthusiasts Wanted!


note: Mp3 Group is no longer active, this is simply a demo page. MP3 Group will aim at accomplishing an MP3 community with a powerful presence. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Read below and become part of Mp3Group.

M3U Stream Here (Requires Winplay3 or Later Version of Winamp) 14.4    33.6

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The goal of Mp3Group is to establish organization on the mp3 scene, distributing mpeg layer 3 media in a professional manner through an organized mp3 group.

Each member of the group will benefit equally through the use of banner advertisements and in the future mp3 software sales and advertiser promotions. See the list of needed positions in the right column.

To Apply for these position(s) fill out this form include position(s) applying for, name, examples of work, reasons of interest, and ICQ uin # if applicable.

Currently Mp3Group has a subdomain name (with plans for a domain name in the future), unlimited mb storage space, data transfer ftp, cgi, front page extensions are all available

Mp3Group will function through an ICQ server along with e-mail. For more info contact us

We welcome all applicants and will be happy to review your information


Mp3Group http://Mp3Group.homepage.nu


The Mp3Group will work to establish a powerful mp3 presence. Plans for the group include but are not limited to:

reviews of

  • mp3 software
  • mp3 websites
  • challenging technologies
  • music industry news

weekly newsletter

  • updates on the mp3 scene (laws regulations)
  • updates for the Mp3Group

mp3 music collection (server space has been allocated for this purpose, legality issues will also be discussed)

  • top 20
  • requests
  • streaming (m3u)


  • user feedback
  • user interaction and involvement

Mp3Group Forums

  • IRC channel
  • ICQ server
  • Mp3Group Newsgroup
  • live chat and broadcast sessions (steaming ram and m3u)

Mp3 Search

  • combination of top mp3 search engines, results from each displayed on the same page
  • possibly brand new spider/crawler search engine

Mp3Group Products

  • official Mp3Group software (rippers, encoders, players, play list makers)
  • Mp3Group cd-roms



in depth knowledge of HTML, HTML software i.e.. FrontPage, CGI and FTP optional

Graphics Designers

knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and color schemes

Promotion Manager

website promotion (i.e.. knowledge of meta tags, search engine types)

Java Programmers

knowledge of Java, Java Script, VB Script

Other Programmers

knowledge of VRML, C/C++, Perl, Active X, other

Web Presence Providers

space on fast non-ftp server, preferably with domain name, requires knowledge of cgi, ftp, HTTP 1.1 non-ip virtual hosting, and sever statistics


write and review site content as well as writing articles for newsletter and reporting on mp3 issues. Must be very familiar with mp3 scene

Database Management

in charge of organization of Mp3Group info, storing e-mails, addresses, group stats, profits... Requires knowledge of Excel or other Database software

Public Opinion Manager

response to public e-mail and suggestions for Mp3Group improvements.


Your name:

Your e-mail

Interest in Mp3Group. Include position(s) applying for, name, examples of work,
reasons of interest, homepage URL and ICQ uin # if applicable.

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