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tidepool map Hi you've found yourself at an online picture book. This picture book will teach you about Rocky Shore Plants and Animals particularly in the intertidal zone, some shown (left). It is meant to help you understand marine life better, and to prepare you for a tide pooling experience. These are the organisms you may find on your own marine trips to the ocean. You will learn about each ones lifestyle, features and special characteristics. Each organism is pictured and described on the pages of this book. The Picture book is organized by phylum, animals first and then the plants.

Please note that I am not a professional, and may have made mistakes. This was set up as a marine project by Boris Masis in the 8th grade year of my education at Oyster River Middle School. Please send me any comments suggestions or mistakes you may have after enjoying it to boris@borism.net 

Please note that this page is no longer being updated. It remains on the internet in original form as a representation of my work from 1997.

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Please note, these images are copyrighted (not by me). I owe permission of use, and have used the following resources:
The Plankton Net
Zooplankton Production Laboratory
Aquatic Stuff
Miss Bissel's Science Notes


If you want to go to a specific phylum use these buttons:
sponge cnidaria Patyhelminthes Nemerta annelida molluska arthropoda bryzoa echinodermata chordata all plants


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