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the best mp3 links have been added to best of the web you may be surprised. These may be sites you haven't heard of, they are on the rise. Some provide 30 second sound clips, while others full length legal mp3s.

Mpeg layer 3 technology is truly an amazing inovation, as internet connection speeds continue to increase throught cable modems and technology similar to ASDL the future of mp3 is steaming digital audio. For now at average 28.8 connection speed you can expect a 10 minute downlad time for each minute of cd quality mp3 audio.

WEBMASTER - here's where the money is!
This banner was supplied by SAFE Audit will stride to be one of the best, mp3s are going strong, turn up the volume and enjoy the show. The music found on this site is completely legal. It follows the "fair use" policy by providing cd-quality 30 second clips for free download. Enjoy, and afterwards, buy the cd.

For those unfamilliar with mp3s or fell like reading a little bit about the mp3 world as it was and is, should see about.htm







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