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Text Messages – Easy Peasy

We recently released a feature that allows our users receive a text message if a bus they are awaiting is running late. It’s all pretty simple, we take the output of this form and run a little excel macro to convert the entered data into email addresses. We then email the affected parties and they […]

We sure love our wufoo around here, and one thing we’ve been using more and more is smart routing for our entries. For example, when someone fills out a lead form we want to route the entry to the appropriate sales person based on the state of the inquiry. Wufoo doesn’t natively provide “smart” routing […]

It’s fairly simple to integrate Google Analytics so that your campaign variables get saved behind the scenes when someone submits your wufoo form. The code is based on the original post at analytics talk, with some small modifications for wufoo. All we need to do is include a small javascript file that will parse our […]


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