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A common web development concern is the www subdomain. Do you host at or Which ever you choose you want to be sure that visitors who type in the other get re-directed properly. If you use IIS you can setup a new website to do such a permanent redirect, but that solution doesn’t […]

We have the Umbraco CMS (version 3) configured to use TinyMCE for WYSIWYG editing. It works quite well up until we want to insert some HTML content that TinyMCE strips out (like an embedded youtube video, or a screencast) Here’s how to create a very simple Umbraco macro (using a c# user control) to allow […]

Current versions of Umbraco appear to have a bug that may cause corruption of publishing times and cause documents to re-publish themselves many times over. This can lead to an extremely large CMSPropertyData table and the need for frequent application pool recycles. See and–cmsPropertyData–392MB.aspx for a discussion of the issue. We’ve done several […]

At Cultural Care Au Pair we use Google Analytics to track the sucess of our campaigns both online and offline. Google provides a nice url builder tool that generates links tagged with our various campaign attributes. Here’s the problem though, the links end up looking like: That’s quite an ugly url for something like […]


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