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Sometimes you might want to setup a Google Analytics Goal that is actually a link to an off-site url. For example, you conversion page might be on a different domain, but you want to be able to track users who click though to it as completing a goal. We recently launched a WordPress MU blog […]

We have the Umbraco CMS (version 3) configured to use TinyMCE for WYSIWYG editing. It works quite well up until we want to insert some HTML content that TinyMCE strips out (like an embedded youtube video, or a screencast) Here’s how to create a very simple Umbraco macro (using a c# user control) to allow […]

It’s fairly simple to integrate Google Analytics so that your campaign variables get saved behind the scenes when someone submits your wufoo form. The code is based on the original post at analytics talk, with some small modifications for wufoo. All we need to do is include a small javascript file that will parse our […]


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