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Following up on how to use custom Stamen Maps on Android – here’s a bit about how to package these map tiles with an APK so that users see a map immediately upon opening your android app. I also include caching of the map so that any new tiles downloaded are cached for future re-use. […]

Stamen Maps on Android

Stamen makes a beautiful set of google map layers. I love the watercolor look, and using it on Android with native the native google maps engine is fairly straightforward. Grab the .zip file of my eclipse project to take a look. I started with the hellomap starter project and this stackoverflow post. Most of the […]

Sometimes you might come upon a scenario where you want to limit the Google Play Apps you develop to a particular device manufacturer (*cough cough*). Play store doesn’t support this use case, but here’s a quick way to do it. Load your list of supported devices, then open your developer console (tested in chrome) and […]


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