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Update: we’ve had some problems where some incorrect tables have been deleted by this script. We haven’t had time to investigate, but for now I don’t recommend using this script as is. Elad posted a small script to delete inactive WordressMU blogs. This can be useful if you run a blog network and want to […]

It’s fairly simple to integrate Google Analytics so that your campaign variables get saved behind the scenes when someone submits your wufoo form. The code is based on the original post at analytics talk, with some small modifications for wufoo. All we need to do is include a small javascript file that will parse our […]

Current versions of Umbraco appear to have a bug that may cause corruption of publishing times and cause documents to re-publish themselves many times over. This can lead to an extremely large CMSPropertyData table and the need for frequent application pool recycles. See and–cmsPropertyData–392MB.aspx for a discussion of the issue. We’ve done several […]

I’m working on a WordPress MU blog network and ran accross the need to change the domain that the blogs are running under. This should actually be a fairly common need, for example, if you copy your PROD environment to QA, you’ll probably want to change the blog url from to Changing the […]


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