We sure love our wufoo around here, and one thing we’ve been using more and more is smart routing for our entries. For example, when someone fills out a lead form we want to route the entry to the appropriate sales person based on the state of the inquiry.

Wufoo doesn’t natively provide “smart” routing like this, but its simple enough to add through some google filters magic. Here’s how we do it:

  • Setup a google apps or gmail account for the routing
  • Create filters in this account for emails that arrive from no-reply@wufoo.com and contain certain words (for example, the state name). When a state matches, forward the entry to the appropriate sales person.
  • Point your wufoo notifications to go your new gmail account

One gmail limitation is that only 20 filters can forward to other addresses per account. This is easy to workaround by creating multiple accounts (i.e. states1, states2) and listing all of them in your wufoo notification settings.