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with so many people to choose from why should boris masis get to go to teentechfest camp? well for one thing i really like to expand my knowledge, especially in anything and everything computer related. when i was nine years old my father bought our first 386, what a computer that was. i still remember the countless hours of wolf 3d, at the same time i became fascinated with the technology.

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my thirst for knowledge has taken me to setting up my very own page when the internet was still a baby. in school i took pascal and created jagged dos graphics, but it was all very fascinating. i got involved in image editing for my page, photoshop is still a lot of fun to play around with. then came the more serious programming in visual basic class at the university of new hampshire.

living in the middle of nowhere i am not highly exposed to the high tech industry, my tutor is the internet. however i have chosen to spread my knowledge with others around me. all my close friends now run ftp sites of their own. we exchange files readily, video-teleconference and enjoy a good game of deathmatch quake 3 arena.

this past wednesday the 19th of april i lead a workshop in webdesign for kids in my high school. it was very encouraging to see people having a good time and enjoy being taught something that may prove useful in the outside world. i lead two one-hour classes where students were first taught the basics of html and then began to create their own page with the use of templates using homesite software. at the end i gave the students the url of a website where they could learn more about editing and go over the concepts presented at the workshop. i plan on answering a lot of questions in the halls next week :)

my latest favorite pass time is video editing, i have only been at it for two months, but please take a look and critique my work in the video section. i direct, shoot and edit these videos, this gives me very much control over the final product. might i recommend assignment 1?

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generally, i’m a kid who really likes to learn, and i give back to the community by leading workshops such as the one described above. please take a look at some of my projects, including the online marine picture book which is listed on the pages of several marine biology colleges as well as in the marine biology section. (i created this picture book in 8th grade)

for examples of some of my graphic design try on the mac os winamp skin which i created. i am also very proud of the work that i have done in regards to the video editing section. more of my programming work will be posted online on the 1st of may when i come back home from vacation. i created this page in a library in florida with a half hour computer limit in good old notepad :). please forgive the dust.

going to teentechfest will make one kid very very happy. please browse around my site, if you have any questions or comments my inbox is always open. thanks for stopping in. hope to you see you all in washington. ;)

- boris

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