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Hi! This is my personal homepage, and Virtual Office. I just thought it would be sort of cool to make it, and wow here you are looking at it, have fun! Now you can chose from:
FREE CD-ROMS AND MAGAZINES! I just finished this collection of over 40 free game cd-roms and magazines both on games and the internet. This is a must see one of a kind collection, containing $120 worth! MORE ABOUT ME! I got a new feature there, now you can blast a map to see where I live! Cool huh? By the way you can make your own map and put it on your homepage too! Also stop by THE LINKS section! There you'll find my choices for the best sites on the web And don't forget to check by MY MESSAGES CENTER if I told you I'd leave you a message! One of the newest and best features of my site is MY WORK Currently it is the Online Marine Picture Book. There you'll learn about all the phylums of plants and animals in the intertidal zone. Stop in!
Like my web page design? I am now available to design the right homepage for your small buisness at minimal rates. If you are interested contact me at my advanced VIRTUAL OFFICE
If you've got a second please sign my guestbook below or send me an e-mail. I really love peoples reactions to my internet home So what are you waiting for? Look arond! What are your intrests? Give me feedback and I'll anwser too!

My page is constantly being updated which means it's always getting cooler, so come back often! Look for more additions in the near future. I've finally figured out the deal with HTML, so I do have some cool stuff.

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There's been lots (about 10,000) happy visitors since I've started my AWESOME page on 03/21/97. You're one of them, thanks! Now give me feedback!

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Now I don't understand, whats the deal with putting little Netscape or MS explorer buttons on your page? Are you proud of your browser, and what about those who have both buttons? Or maybe there's some kind of scam where they're payed to do it? (I want in on it) Not understanding their logic my page is best viewed with (I hope!) If you find any problems like you can't see my animations or something please tell me, it helps to know so I can fix it, and you can see it! However Netscape 3.0 is perferable for the java, so yeah feel free to get it.

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