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Okay, I have to admit, I could never understand the point of links. first you spend hours of time making your page, submiting to search engines, exchanging banners... and then when you finally get some people to your site, it's like hey here are some links, leave my page! Just like those people who water their lawns every day, and then cut them, what's the point? And the search engine links? Whats that all about? Yup I have search links, but only to extrodinary engines. I really don't see the point of having every one known to man on your page. So don't expect to find the entire contents of Yahoo here, just links important to me.
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Please note there are many more links on my pages click the button below to see the floating site map or if you prefer see the text links below. You may be inerested in the FREE CD ROM AND MAGAZINE links, or the MARINE links or..

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Other Awesome Sites

The Globe Chat. An awesome place with free chat about everything! No membereship required, but members get special benifits. First month of membership is free
HTML Goodies This is a great collection of goodies for the homepage developer
World of E.R.I.K.A. She has like the coolest site on the web! It rocks! She has everything set up really cool, and she's got a lot of stuff. Top of my bookmark list.
Geocities Geocities has the largest collection of free homepages on the web. It's no wounder! You get 2 meg (plenty) of space to have your own homepage, free! If you haven't got one yet, do so.
Free For Free This is a great collection of stuff you can get free for your homepage.
CNN Interactive CNN offers perhaps the best news site on the web.
Broadcaster Sumbmissions Putting URL submision companies out of buisness! The Bradcaster submits your site to 200 search engines and directories totally free, fully automated it even e-mails you a progress report.
Web Site Banner Advertising: Ad Networks, Brokers, and Exchanges (Mark J. Welch)
This is the best site on the net about web advertising. Mark explains all the different options out there.

Friends Sites

Dave's Funnies. One of my friends pages, he has a great collection of humor.
Tatyana's Tiny Domain A great page with cool links and music.
Maxim's Home Page He has quite a collection of links to games and other various topics.
Boris Revsin's Cool Page A brand new page of one of my friends.

Cool Search Engines
900 Number Business Packages for $99.95! Yahoo... what can I say? I've got to include it, especially since it finds my site.

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The coolest search engine of them all, Hotbot!
The difference is hotbot searches all WEB PAGES not just web sites. Give it a spin.