So who is Boris Masis?

I figure this might be a good opportunity to tell you about myself

I'm a guy 14 years old... I'll have a picture here once I get a scanner, so for now you're just going to have to guess my appearance. Anyway I live in this really small town of Durham NH, it's really not so bad the Internet always keeps me busy for hours.

Blast Yourself The Map!

I came to the US at an age of 8 from St. Petersburg Russia (really a pretty cool place) and so I now find myself at this computer talking about it...

Hey, anyone else like the Simpsons? Huh, huh? They're one of my favorite shows, I also like Seinfield a lot! For those of you interested, Check out my links page to visit the Simpsons! Among other things I also play Tennis, Ping Pong, Basketball, I hike, backpack, sail, windsurf, ski (somewhat), ofcourse I play around on my computer, oh and I'm also on my Mathcounts team...

So now you know bassically who I am, I'll add more stuff on here as time goes by, possibly about my familly. Just to mention their names; my sister's Julie Masis, my dad Alexander Masis, and my mom is Dina Masis.

By the way if you have any questions about living in Russia or maybe how to create your own webpage, just e-mail me I'd really love to hear from you. (Oh and don't forget to sign my guestbook!)

All The Links Comming Soon!

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