This project was all about multimedia. The film itself of course, but also the various forms advertising; posters, flyers, school announcements, and press coverage :) Many more video clips not found here are available as part of the "Behind the Scenes" section.



The Most Dangerous Game Trailer

In the planning days of the project the directors went out to scout shooting locations. We later decided to convert the footage we took into a small movie trailer. Though snow was still on the ground, many of the location selections stuck. Both the stone posts seen here and the house shown later on in the trailer were used in the final production.

The trailer has never been publicly shown. It is available for the first time on this website. The video was shot with a regular Hi8 camera and edited on Boris's computer.

The Most Dangerous Game Advertising

The film premiered at the UNH MUB Theatre in June 2001. We spread the word best we could through flyers and poster advertising. Click on the thumbnails below for the larger versions of the flyers we used (will open in new window).

These made their way around the school and onto people's cars (sorry guys, we had to let you know somehow). The images are all direct still-fames from the film. The large versions are scaled to 66% original size.


We also made three large movie posters to promote the film. These measured 22x34 inches and graced the halls of the school as well as the MUB theatre. Today Boris is in possession of the first, Michael has the second, and Jason, who took the high-resolution picture holds on to the third movie poster. Click on the thumbnail at left to get a larger view scaled at 33% original size.

Below is (a rather silly) picture of Boris and Michael next to the poster at the MUB Theatre.


The University of New Hampshire MUB II Theatre has a seating capacity of 200 people. We were very excited to see 70 of our friends and relatives the first night and 120 the second. Jason snapped several pictures before the show. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

          Boris, Mike and the poster               Pre-show still frame               Equipment used at the showing


The Most Dangerous Game even got a little press coverage :) Oyster River's student newspaper "The Mouth of the River" ran a story about the project as well as featured it in the "Cheers and Jeers" section in the last issue of the 2000-2001 school year.


The film won an honorable mention at the New England High School Video Competition. (white image at upper right) Kudos go to Mike for pulling out our submission at 5 in the morning after having Adobe Premiere corrupt our project file. (not fun) We had a rather ingenious method of exporting to tape right from the project (simulating black bars, etc).

To the right is a screenshot from the advertisement which was run on our town public access television station where Boris and Michael volunteered. The ad lists a June 1st showing, which interestingly enough didn't exist. (whoops)


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