The cast and crew were comprised entirely of volunteers. We are extremely grateful to our friends and classmates who gave their time and talent to the production. The movie wouldn't have happened without them.



Michael Denis -
Co-Director, General Zaroff

Michael is an avid movie buff. He started his directing and acting career in 2000 with the production of "Sherlock Holmes, The Speckled Band." This is his second movie production. Michael is a member of the class of 2005 at Lehigh University where he studies engineering. He can be reached at



Boris Masis -
Co-Director, Director of Photography

Boris is a computer and video production enthusiast. He has produced several additional video projects which are located on his website. Aside from his duties as co-director and director of photography Boris also designed this website. Boris is a member of the class of 2005 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he studies Management and Computer Science. He can be reached at




Nate Grondin -
Sanger Rainsford

Nate is a veteran on-stage actor. Most recently he has acted in stage versions of "Nosferatu" and "The Wizard of OZ." In his spare time Nate enjoys playing the piano. Nate is an undeclared major in the Northeastern University class of 2005. He can be reached at



Michael Lang -

Michael Lang is best known for his abilities as part of the stage crew at many plays. This was his first major acting role. Michael is a member of the the class of 2005 at The University of New Hampshire where he studies Outdoor Education.




Nick Grondin -

Nick Grondin is an experienced on-stage actor. He is also an accomplished guitar player. This was Nick's first role in a movie. Nick is a member of the class of 2005 at Macalester College where he studies Math and Physics. Nick can be reached at



Thank you everyone! It was great working with you guys!


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