The Oyster River High School Advanced Biology class in Durham New Hampshire has conducted a study to monitor the spread of disease in our high school. It is our goal to find out if disease spreads through ORHS, and if so, how is the disease acquired and transmitted? We have formulated a Hypothesis and Questions, which we hope to answer in our study.

Please explore our website to learn more about the study and gather background information on the topic of the spread of disease.


News 6/13/01

News 4/30/01

  • Results for the disease spread study have been posted. This page includes data as well as graphs regarding the occurrences of various symptoms and the effects of temperature on student health. Full conclusions and explanations were presented at Oyster River High School during the 00-01 midterm exam session. This concludes the disease spread study. Daniel and Boris will begin a new, specialized study to monitor the effects of stress on student health. This second study is to be complete for the end of the 2001 school year. 

News 11/25/00

  • The experiment is currently two months into the testing period. In this time the class has been tabulating the data received thus far. We have also narrowed our goals in the study to several defined areas. The mission statement has been formulated below.

Mission Statement:
As the 2000 - 2001 school year progresses, an increasing number of students are observed to be sick at Oyster River High School in Durham NH. Several hypotheses have been formulated to describe and explain this trend. It is the goal of the Advanced Biology class to create an experiment to show the relationship between student health and four defined factors. Among these are hours of sleep, contact with friends and family, outdoor air temperature and symptoms. The study will run for a period of twelve weeks. Results will be published at our website

  • It is now possible to submit the study Questionnaires from the webpage. We will receive your data in a matter of seconds. While input gathered from this website will not be counted in our experiment it does give us an idea of another data source. The questionnaire is an exact replica of the paper version that we use to poll biology classes weekly.
  • A Background Information section has been added to the website. This page has links to related information and studies. Air temperature has been added as one of the factors that could influence student health in the study. Therefore the page also features a graph of outdoor air temperatures in Durham NH for the duration of the study. 


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