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Updated 11/21/98 

FREE CD-ROMS AND COMPUTER MAGAZINES! Mission Impossible? Not at all! Through all these offers I've gotten a stack of over 50 free cd-roms and magazines all about games and the net! But all the offers were seperate and I could never find one good listing, but now I've created this! Enjoy, I hope you like it! (By the way I is Boris Masis )Please Note: Most online offers are not available worldwide. There are currently 4 that are. Ten others are valid in Canada. All others are US only.
This collection is like getting over $150 free! Look for the  stamp of aproval for the best. To see what others have said about my page check the automated Comments Page or to view past comments take a look at the original comments page Please Sign in on your way out 


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Free  Computing Cd-Roms 

Launch CD Free For US and Canada This is Here you get the Launch cd which is focused on games and he latest music. It's awesome! Your ears will agree. A great use of digital media. 

Lost Island Of Allana I seriously dobt that this game will atract many. It is a myst style adventure sponcered by cherry coke, where in order to contunue playing you will need to buy coca cola.

Pc Magazine Extra Pc Magazine features an "extra" section including sertain products reviewed on cd rom. the disk includes video and serveral ready to install programs. 

Call, Get Game (US and Canada) note : some of these phone numbers may be outdated. The manufactures should now be offering different game demos.


MDK This game is bound to be a winner. The huge demo of this just released game is awesome. Obtain it from 1-800-223-8488 

Titles from Sega Soft Segasoft gives out playable demo cds for almost all of its games. (great Company huh?) Call 1-888-SEGASOFT for such games as Obsidian (A+), Scud, Rocket Jockey, 3DD... Phone Number Corrected 

Meat Puppet Not to be confused with the music group this title from Playmates Interactive is yours from 1-800-223-8488 When I called they said that in the future they will have more playable demos, if you call and then have more please notify me. 

Blue Byte Games Blue Byte sends you two cd-roms with demos of their games. Be warned most require an MMX procesor. The Package includes Extreme Assault, Settlers II Gold Edition, and Archimedean Dynasty. Get your demos from 1-800-933-2983. Mention source code CGSP597 Links LSAccess presents the greatest golf game of all time this is a call worth making. Get the cd by dialing 1-800-800-4880 

Computer&Net Related Magazines 

Computer Shopper This is a no no - noncence guide for the newbie computer user, explained in plain english.

PC WorldThis is THE pc magazine! Over 300 pages of inside info about the pc and the web! You'll be glad you got this one. Not only are they informative, but easy to understand. My favotite PC magazine! 

Maxumum PC The publication us taking the pc to the extreme.   Maxium Pc reviews the latest and greatest hardware and software. All the things you can't get your hands on.

Windows Computer Magazine WCM is ac magazine based on microsoft's os. It also hower features general hardware and software reviews.

Windows NT Magazine This is the only windows NT magazine featured on the page, it is worth concideration esspecially since the upcoming windows 2000 (and there forth) will be based on windows 2000 technology. 

Yahoo Internet LifeWho better to make a guide for the internet. Get a free issue, and see what sites yahoo! thinks you should visit.

Adobe Magazine From the maker of photoshop and acrobat comes this magazine intented to help you get the most out of your adobe product. Subscription is completely free.

Wired MagazineWired magazine is the journal of record for the future, well almost. It's yet another great magazine that offers a free trial issue.

Internet Voyager Free For US and Canada You can never have enough internet guides! Internet Voyager is another one. They not only send you a free issue but a copy of The 97 Netters Guidebook, also free! (Black and White) 

Cybernautics DigestFree For US and Canada Funky title, huh? To make your surfing a little easier they give you a free trial issue. Cybernautics Digest tells you what's hot, where to go, and what to do online. One issue covers 2 months of the online world. (Black and White)

Websight Free For US and Canada According to them Websight is dedicated to helping you explore the vast, ever-changing landscape of the World Wide Web. From entertaining, informative articles to jam-packed WebGuide section, Websight makes surfing the Web more fun and productive. But I don't know, I haven't gotten my free issue yet. 

Windows MagazineGot Windows? My website statistics show about 90% of you do. If you do then you should be interested. This is a great magazine. They even sent me 2 free issues even though their offer said one, oh well! 

PC Week Free For US and Canada PC Week is one of the leading PC publications, but to get their free offer you first have to fill out 9 pages of a survey. However if you qualify they buy you a free one year subscription! Unfortunatelly I don't qualify. 

PC Today 
Another long survey to fil out. Worth it, if PC Today is your cup of tea.


Gaming Magazine and Cd-Rom


  • PC Gamer Nothing like a free issue of the world's best selling computer games magazine! Go to their site to get your free issue and CD-ROM packed with 650 megabytes of the newest coolest games! 

  • Boot This one is cool and Practical! "Pure PC Power" is right! It's not the thickest in the world, but still well worth it. The Cd-Rom has both games and real life utilities.
  • PC Games One of the best game magazines out there! Your free isuue also comes with a cd packed with about 20 of the hottest demos. Very simmilar to PC Gamer magazine. 
  • Mac Addict This one is for those of you mac users out there who like to play games. I don't have one, so I can't tell you much about the magazine and cd-rom. I've read it's good, but if you try it, e-mail me I'll post it here with credit to you. 
  • Next Generation Next Generation stands out from the crowd because its cd also features many quicktime movies. The magazine itself is about the pc, saturn, playstation, and N64 so if you've one of those you should be interested. 

The Web Magazine
"Since the beginning of time human beings have always looked for free stuff. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor: If it's free you'll take it." 
Yael Li-Ron, The Web Magazine June 1997 

Boris's Comment: Yeah! Esspecialy if it's free cd-roms and magazines all about games and the net! ;P

Business Related Magazines 

  • Business Week  This is the most widely read business journal in the world. They have a super deal with 4 free trial issues.
  • Intenet Computing Intenet computing helps you put the internet to work. It is published with the high standards of ZDNet.
  • Dr Dobb's Journal  This magazine is written for the professional software programmer, to share good programming examples and knowlege. 
  • Business 2.0  A business magazine from the guys over at idg. Generally you can expect only the best from them 
  • Small Business Computing Small Business Computing Offers 1 free issue to test their publication. If you have a small business it is deffinately woth at try.
  • Money Magazine One of the best known financial magazines now offers a risk free trial issue. 
  • Home Office ComputingSimmilar magazine to the one above. If it fits your situation, give it a try. The price is right.
  • Software Magazine Free For US and CanadaSoftware Magazine maintains a strict focus on the technologies and developments that affect IS and business management professionals in the corporate environment. You can recieve an entierly free subscription, but you must first qualify by filling out a long survey. 
  • Computer Design Free For US and CanadaComputer Design is a publication written specifically to meet the information needs of engineering managers and senior level engineers. If you fit that description you can apply for a free subscription to Computer Design. 
  • The Silicon Alley Reporter Free For US and CanadaTSAR covers the booming Internet industry now. You can recive a free trial issue along with related e-mail newsletters if desired. 
  • Internet World MagazineFree For US and CanadaYou can recieve a free complementary subscription to Web Week by filling out a survey. If you qualify you will recive this magazine free. It represents the voice of E-Business and internet technology.
  • ComputerWorldComputerworld, the Newsweekly for IT Leaders, is the most comprehensive source of information on IS technology. Fill out a short survey and you can get 6 free issues of this publication and the "100 Best Places to Work" guide. This is a high quality publication, and you recive 6 free issues. Computer World also features some great tech cartoons is each issue ;)
  • Fast Company Fast company offerers help in the cutting edge business world. They do it by offering one free issue.
  • PC Computing Another offer exclusively from Free Shop. PC Computing is the leading guide to products and productivity for today's computing professionals. After you're done filling in the form make sure to chose Review Free Basket and then chose Check Out. 
  • WebTechniques  Webtechniques is a magzine for internet professionals. If you are serius about the web fill out this survey and subscibe to the magazine.
  • Technology Review   This is a magzine straight from MIT featuring the newset technology and upcoming tech news.

  • Microsoft Systems Journal Direct from Microsoft, the Systems Journal showcases the latest posibilities from Microsoft products.

Free Gaming Magazines 

  • Pc Accelerator  "This is the PC gaming magazine for
    gamers who want their games bigger, better and faster. It
    takes an irreverent look at the videogame industry
    and the games themselves while giving the definitive
    word on the latest technologies." - sounds a little to hyped up, give it a try yourself.
  • PSMPSM is a magazine especially for the Sony Playstation. It comes with the expected news, reviews, previews and upcoming events for the playsation. 
  • Computer Gaming World This is a brand new offer from the people of ZD net. Another free trial issue of one of the hottest gaming magazines. I haven't gotten mine yet, so cam't be sure on the details, stay tuned for more. 
  • EGM2  Another creation of ZD network, EGM2 is a magazine for the hardcore video gamer. It includes information from all major gaming platforms.
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly EGM is for you game system inthusiasts out there. It covers all of them from start to finish. You'll be interested if you've got a Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn, Super NES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, Neo-Geo, or a 3DO. It's also one of the leading game publications. 
  • UGP Ultra Game Players is about all the gaming systems, not just the pc. I don't particulary like their magazine, but that's only my oppinion, give me yours. I'll gladly put it here with your name. 

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Why and How it Works 

Okay here's the deal. Companies hope that through giving you a trial issue of a magazine or a free demo cd you will be lured into buying their product. If the product is good the method works, but it doesn't have to if you don't want it to. You can have a terrific time with these free offers. It's top of the line quality stuff. Here (in my own words) is what the fine print sais: All the offers are 100% free but all the games on cd-roms are demos and shareware (still really awesome because they are the newest). As for the magazines, you will get a free "trial" issue and a invoice asking you to pay the subscription, all you do is return that invoice as soon as possible marked "cancel". This is not some kind of illegal thing by the way. Read the fine print on the offers and that's what the companies want you to do. They offer it why not take advantage? Out of all of this all you pay is that price of the stamp for the invoice return. 

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  • Netcreations has created a page where you fill out one form and get several free trial issues of various magazines - great idea. Contributed by Andrew

  • Looking for even more free cd-rom offers? Check out a terrific site, the biggest free cd-rom page on the net. Stop by the CD-ROM USERS GROUP terrific collection! 

  • Aftermath offers a free demo version of their upcoming interactive DVD adventure, provided you pay the $5 shipping and handling. One of the first few DVD distributions.


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