If you export from Fireworks into clickable HTML prototypes, you’ll find that your exports are always left-aligned – even if you select center alignment during the export. This seems like a bug to me, luckily there is a fairly painless workaround.

Note: Tested in Fireworks CS5 on Mac, but should work approximately the same in other versions or Windows.

Open /Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS5/Configuration/HTML Code/Dreamweaver/SLICES.XTT and locate the following line: (line 662)

WRITE_HTML("<!--Fireworks CS5 Dreamweaver CS5 target.  Created ", d, "-->\n");

Now add the following right below it:

WRITE_HTML("<style>body {text-align:center;}</style>\n");

and BAM! You’ve got centered exports.

5 Responses to “How To: Centering HTML exports in Fireworks”  

  1. 1 Labiri

    Thank you so much, it was really helpful! 😀

  2. 2 olly houghton


    That sounds an excellent workaround!

    I’m on CS6 on a Mac, this might sound a little dim, but the SLICES.XTT is deemed
    an executable Unix file, so I renamed the extension to a .txt did the edit saved it back again but it didn’t work…..still left aligned…..have I messed up?



  3. 3 Dave

    Same issue, was wondering if you got this fixed and how?

  4. 4 Chapolk

    Hey Holly and Dave,

    Just open slices.XTT with text edit, for me it worked every time!

  5. 5 R'Zouga

    really, thanks.
    in response to Dave and Olly, (I am in Win 7 pro , CS6) Open the simple text editor, then, open, locate the file folder: /Adobe Fireworks CS5/Configuration/HTML Code/Dreamweaver, in the bottom-right, choose the extention *.* for “all files”, and there your Slices.XTT will appear.
    Good luck

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