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movies recently seen:


Format: Theater

I needed to get out of the house and an opportunity presented itself to do just that.

Possession is a relatively plain, often overdone film that centers on the stories of two couples living 100 years apart. The film is somewhat interesting from a historical and cultural perspective as for most action centers around London. And I do have to admit that I'm sometimes a sucker for a love story (or 2).

However, there is nothing profound here, its something to see if you need a change of atmosphere.

Y Tu Mamá También

Format: Theater

Y tu mamá también is a film about life, youth, and learning about yourself. It is a refreshingly smart comedy that captures a moment of time shared by three powerful characters.

The film shows life in its pure form. Maybe I'm stretching, but that's how I feel. I miss life like that, no computers, no major stressors, just people and life.

Y tu mamá también explores the character's interaction in a cross country journey across Mexico. The journey is rich culturally, visually and inter-personally. Highly recommended.

13 Conversations About One Thing

An atypical movie with the single theme of happiness. What defines it? Can our actions aquire it?

It is a topic I find myself thinking of often. The film tells the stories of four, ultimately tied, characters. As the outside observer you ask the questions. Why do we act that way? It it our nature, or can we lead better lives?

I often try (with limited success) to make conscious choices about living my life a certain way. Thirteen Conversations leaves one in thought about these ultimate goals. An interesting film.

Waking Life

Format: Theater

Discussing good (and bad movies) at the Varshavsky household, Tanya recommended Waking Life. At the same time I've been looking forward to checking out our local independent theater, Bijou Cinema. With Paul's good company, free popcorn and reclinable seats I was set for an enjoyable evening.

Waking Life is like no other film I've seen. First off, it is unique visually. The whole thing is illustrated, not filmed. The camera moves through scenes like a film camera would, but of course everything is drawn. The effect is spectacular, very captivating.

The film is deeply philosophical, and while a lot of it went over my head, I did hold on to some interesting tidbits. These ran through my mind, especially as I tried to fall asleep for the next several nights. All in all it was quite an experience. Highly recommended.

Rain Man

Format: DivX
Size: 640mb

It's great to have that second binder of DivX movies, namely a binder of films I want to see. Lena came to visit me for a weekend, and we decided to break out Rain Man.

The movie stands out for it's excellent character development. After a recent discussion with Mike we decided that our interpretation of movie greatness differs fundamentally. I consider characters to be the most important factor, while Mike seems to focus on story line. Of course both are important, but I am content with watching good characters doing whatever it is they happen to be doing.

Rain Man follows the relationship between Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, with a particularly strong performance by Hoffman. The movie is worth watching for the interactions between these two professionals.


One middle school Saturday I started creating a little web page on geocities. The site has grown up into a little expression of myself.

Look around and send any interesting comments this way.



- Hey people who have been checking constantly to find that there has been no updates in ages, I have had enough of this no updates nonsense that Boris has been trying to put us all through. I come to this page everyday, and what do I see here? Many things actually, but the point I am trying to make is that there are no updates. So I have decided to take matter into my own hands. I am putting up an update (I am Boris's roommate by the way).

First I'll tell you all what Boris has been up to. He sleeps a lot, he doesn't do anything and then he complains about the lack of time, I wish I had that lack of time =) He is also getting ready to go to Australia for his IQP project. What else has Boris been up to you might ask? He has been dancing, doing homework, surfing internet, checking people's profiles on AIM, eating dinner and lunch, and watching a very cool video clip over and over again (no wait, that was me doing it!).

This is Boris, he has grown alot since last update (yes, Boris, it has been a while!).
- Stefan


- Stay tuned folks, updates are on the way, lots of ground to cover :)


- It's been a while since I updated; things have happened, but my life remains fundamentally good. I finished my first year at WPI successfully and await the start of the next. I had a great summer job in web design @ Willey Brothers. Mike and I have continued work on The Butcher despite several setbacks. We have switched over to using Avid's XpressDV, software vastly superior to Adobe Premiere. Things are getting re-edited and turning out for the better. I pursued a dream by moving to Boston for the latter half of the summer. Things have worked out well here, its not all peaches and cream, but you have to love the city.

- Happy birthday to my mom! Mamik, I wish you all the best, but happiness primarily. I love you very much.

- The Killer Apps page has been updated to include AIM+, a long overdue addition. AIM+ is an excellent utility which stores message history as well as removes the flashing banners. If you use AIM, this is the app to have.

- Among some new acquisitions is a FujiFilm FinePix 2600 I've wanted a digital camera for a while, they sure are nice :) Consequently lots of new pictures have been uploaded; Maine 2002, Boston 2002 - On The Town, Boston Living, and Misha&Olga's wedding. Check them out.




- Yay dance competitions! I had so much fun, I had to make a little page about it. :) Click on the bunny for more. (boris is in a silly mood)

- The Killer Apps page has 2 new additions. ACDSee is a fairly well-known image viewing application, one that I should have been using all this time. Girder is the excellent remote control software to go along with my new remote (below)


- There are a couple of reasons to be happy. For one thing I got my remote working, yay! Its pretty neato, controls different programs, winamp, TV tuner, mediaplayer, etc with the help of girder. Here's a pic

For another thing.. umm this page is updated, yay!

- Just when you think that things are starting to die down.. up come a million new things to do. The pace of life is pretty fast here at WPI. I've been managing to keep myself busy. Dance Club has proved to be a great distraction, and perhaps I'll actually get a radio show soon. Over winter vacation Mike and I shot our next film, The Butcher (coming soon). Now all that's left to do is to edit.. Check out the receipts for winter vacation 01-02 for a sneak peak at where we were and what we did.

- The killer apps section has been updated. There are some very nice new additions, among these is excellent Voice over IP software, more mp3 management programs, as well as several general purpose windows utilities you shouldn't be without. The killer apps list is starting to get quite useful, email with your own finds.

- The shout out and events pages have been brought up to date. Part of that update are pictures of the WPI campus at night. I think they came out quite well.. I've also been longing for a digital camera as of late. Would be great to document some more of the world around me. I think I need to familiarize myself with our Instructional Media Center ;)

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