ORHS Webdesign Workshop 2001

Webdesign Workshop

May 2001

Oyster River High School



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The Purpose of this arts fair workshop is to introduce a user to the creation of web pages for the internet. The workshop will begin with the explanation of what HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is, as well as the concepts of an internet browser and web servers.

Examples of several well designed web pages will then be presented. The users will learn to edit the page that they find appealing using Allaire Homesite 4.0 software. Users will be encouraged to modify pages with custom colors, fonts, table sizes as well as new images. The focus will be placed on creating a personal page during the workshop hour. Any questions regarding HTML, Homesite, or the internet in general will be entertained. 

Once the introduction has completed users are free to create their own pages. The following cycle is suggested:

  • First browse through the various design examples to find one that you would like to make into your own personal page.
  • Read color rules to get an idea of what colors to use for text and images on your new page.
  • Take a look at the colors of the internet to obtain values HTML values for the 216 colors that are used on the internet. Keep this page handy.
  • Browse z/design examples/ and find the folder containing your selected design 
  • Make a copy of the folder containing your selected design in a new folder with your name on it under z/students/.
  • Open the design that you have selected in Homesite 4.0
  • Edit the page to include your personal information, new clipart (browse clipart located at " z/clipart/") Keep in mind color combinations, but experiment and find something you like.
  • Fell free to use the diagram below as reference on what to include at a personal site.
  • Lastly look at the further resources page for links to where you can find out more about webdesign

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This workshop has been planned and presented by

Boris Masis, ORHS Student and Webdesigner www.bluehue.com